Nano Titanium Dioxide N-199

Titanium Dioxide NanoTitanium dioxide is a photocatalyst with well-known ability to oxidize a wide range of organic contaminants as well as to destroy microbial cells.

Titanium Dioxide Nano N-199 is a nano powder made of TiO2 mixed with metal or metal oxide. Its crystal is anatase and it may be used as a photocatalyst. Under the illumination of light of less than 400 nm, N199 creates superoxide anion radicals interacting with O2 and H2O absorbed on its surface. These radicals help in decomposing hazardous gas and organic pollutants through photo catalysis, antisepsis through photo catalysis, and can be widely used in air purification and sewage treatment.

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Titanium Dioxide Nano N-199 Specifications

CAS Number:13463-67-7
Crystal Form:Anatase
TiO2 Purity:≥ 99.0 %
Molecular Structure:TiO2
Synonyms:Titanium Dioxide, TiO2, Nano, nanoscale, Anatase, Tioxide, DuPont, Ti-Pure, Tiona, titanium dioxide pigment, titanium(IV) oxide, titania
Molecular Weight:79.90
Average Particle Size(μm):10 nm
Specific Surface Area:≥70 m2/g
Transport Information:25kgs

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