Lactic acid and lactates

Lactic AcidLactic acid, also known as milk acid, is a chemical compound that plays a role in several biochemical processes. The material has gained importance in the detergents industry the last decade. Being a good descaler, soap-scum remover and being a registered anti-bacterial agent – an economically beneficial as well as environmentally beneficial trend toward safer and natural ingredients has also contributed.

Lactic acid is also used as a monomer for producing polylactic acid (PLA) which later has application as biodegradable plastic. This kind of plastic is a good option for substituting conventional plastic produced from petroleum oil because of low emission of carbon dioxide. The commonly used process in producing lactic acid is via fermentation, and later to obtain the polylactic acid, the polymerization process follows.

Lactic acid
(acid flavoring; chelating agent-metal cleaning agent, plating, etc.: pH adjuster)
Calcium lactate
(Ca reinforcing agent)
Sodium lactate
(seasoning; humectant; pH adjuster)
Aluminum lactate
Lithium lactate