EpichlorohydrinEpichlorohydrin (ECH) is a highly reactive electrophilic compound and is used in the production of epoxy resins, synthetic glycerin and elastomers.

Epichlorohydrin (CAS# 106-89-8) is a chlorinated epoxy compound mainly used in the manufacture of glycerol and epoxy resins. It is also used in the manufacture of elastomers, glycidyl ethers, cross-linked food starch, surfactants, plasticizers, dyestuffs, pharmaceutical products, oil emulsifiers, lubricants, and adhesives; as a solvent for resins, gums, cellulose, esters, paints, and lacquers; as a stabilizer in chlorine-containing substances such as rubber, pesticide formulations, and solvents; and in the paper and drug industries as an insect fumigant.

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Epichlorohydrin specifications

CAS Number 106-89-8
Purity 99.9% min
Density 1.183g/ml
Melting Point -57 °C(lit.)
Boiling Point 115-117 °C(lit.)
Molecular Formula C3H5ClO
Packing 200kg/drum
Product Keywords Epichlorohydrin
γ-Chloropropylene oxide
Glycidyl chloride