Stannic Chloride Anhydrate

Download our product data sheetStannic Chloride Anhydrate is used in the glass container industry for making an external coating containing tin(IV) oxide which toughens the glass. It is an intermediate (or starting material) for organotin compounds. It’s used in soaps as a colour and perfume stabilizer and bacteria and fungi control; As a catalyst in the polymerisation of styrene; Textile Finishing; Glass: strengthening; Eletroconductive and electroluminescent surface coatings; manufacture of fuchsin, colour lakes, ceramics; Stabilizer for resins; manufacture of blue print and other sensitized papers;

Stannic chloride is used in chemical reactions with fuming (90%) nitric acid for the selective nitration of activated aromatic rings in the presence of unactivated ones.

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Stannic Chloride Anhydrate specifications

CAS Number: 7646-78-8
Molecular Structure: Stannic chloride
Synonyms: Tin tetrachloride; Tin (IV) chloride; Tin Chloride; Tetrachloro Stannane; Tin Perchloride; Zinntetrachlorid (German); Tetracloruro de estano (Spanish); Tétrachlorure d’etain (French);
Molecular Formula: SnCl4
Molecular Weight: 260.50
EINECS: 231-588-9
Density: 2.226 g/ml
Melting Point: -32 ºC
Boiling Point: 114 C
Solubility: Decomposes
Appearance: Fuming liquid
Transport Information: 25kgs
Material Safety Data Sheet

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