Stannous Chloride Anhydrous

Download our product data sheetStannous Chloride Anhydrous or SnCl2 is widely used as a reducing agent (in acid solution), palladium-tin catalyst, and in electrolytic  baths for tin-plating. It is commonly used in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry. Other uses include as a lube oil additive; tin galvanizing and as a reducing agent in the manufacture of polymers and dyes and printing textiles; in the manufacture of stannous salts (particularly the oxide, sulphate, octoate and 2- ethyl hexotate); in manufacture of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals as a reducing agent; as a reducing agent in the extraction and purification of precious metals; surface sensitizer prior to silvering in the manufacture of mirrors; electroplating; as a catalyst in the production of the plastic polylactic acid (PLA).

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Stannous Chloride Anhydrous Specifications

CAS Number: 7772-99-8
Molecular Structure: Stannous Chloride Anhydrous
Synonyms: Stannous chloride; Tin salt; Tin protochloride; Tin(II) chloride
Molecular Formula: SnCl2
Molecular Weight: 189.60
EINECS: 231-868-0
Density: 2.710
Melting Point: 247 °C
Boiling Point: 623 °C
Solubility: 83.9 g/100 ml (0 °C)
Risk Codes: R22; R34
Appearance: White hygroscopic crystalline powder
Transport Information: 25kgs
Material Safety Data Sheet

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