Stannous Oxalate

Download our product data sheetStannous Oxalate is used as a catalyst for esterification reactions.  Oxalic acid and oxalates are useful as reducing agents for photography, bleaching, and rust removal. They are widely used as an purifying agent in pharmaceutical industry, precipitating agent in rare-earth metal processing, bleaching agent in textile and wood industry, rust-remover for metal treatment, grinding agent, waste water treatment. acid rinse in laundries and removing scale from automobile radiators.

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Stannous Oxalate Specifications

CAS Number: 814-94-8
Molecular Structure: Stannous oxalate
Synonyms: Tin oxalate, Tin(II) oxalate, STANNOUS OXALATE, Tin(2+) oxalate
Molecular Formula: C2O4Sn
206.71 150.71
EINECS: 212-414-0
Appearance: White powder
Transport Information: 25kgs
Material Safety Data Sheet

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