Stannous sulfate

Download our product data sheetStannous sulfate is used primarily in electroplating and as a dying agent.  Bright tin acid plating is more corrosion resistant than alkaline tin plating.  Acid tin plating is a process to create a mirror like finish on different metals like copper, brass, steel, etc.  This applies to several industries including: switch gears, electrical and electronics, bimetal bearing, etc.

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Stannous Sulfate Specifications

CAS Number: 7488-55-3
Molecular Structure: 7488-55-3
Synonyms: Tin sulphate, Tin sulfate(SnSO4) (6CI), Tin(2+) sulfate,
Stannous sulphate, Tin(II) sulfate, Sulfuric acid, tin(2+)salt (1:1) Zinnsulfat, Sulfato de estaño, Sulfate d’étain
Molecular Formula: SnSO4
Molecular Weight: 214.75
EINECS: 231-302-2
Density: 4,15 g/cm3
Melting Point: 360 ºC
Boiling Point: 3.95
Solubility: Decomposes to SnO2 and SO2
Risk Codes: R36/37
Appearance: White-yellowish crystalline solid, deliquescent
Transport Information: 25kgs
Material Safety Data Sheet

Download our Product Data Sheet