Titanium Dioxide A-298

Anatase Titanium DioxideAnatase Titanium Dioxide A-298 is a general grade of anatase TiO2.  It is used commonly as a delustering agent. This is a chemical fiber grade titanium dioxide.

Anatase titanium dioxide A-298 takes advantage of the refraction force difference between titanium pigment and chemical fibers.  It has very high whiteness, superior tinting strength and hiding power.  Plus it can reduce the light reflex force of chemical fibers, improve its opacity and eliminate unsuitable gloss which can achieve a similar look of natural fibers.

Anatase titanium dioxide A-198 is mainly used to deluster chemical fibers such as polyester fibers, viscose fibers, polyamide fibers, polypropylene fiber, etc.

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A-298 Titanium Dioxide Specifications

CAS Number: 13463-67-7
Type: A-298
Crystal Form: Anatase
TiO2 Content (%) min: 98.3
Molecular Structure: TiO2
Synonyms: Titanium Dioxide, TiO2, Anatase, Delustering, fiber, Tioxide, DuPont, Ti-Pure, Lomon, Huntsman, Kronos TIO2, Tronox, Tiona, titanium dioxide pigment,
Molecular Weight: 79.90
EINECS: 236-675-5
Density: 3.9 g/cm3
Oil absorption (g/100g): 26
pH Value: 7.0 – 8.5
Surface Treatment: Alumina, Silica
Average Particle Size(μm): 0.32
Transport Information: 25kgs

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