Titanium Dioxide Rutile R-996

Download our product data sheetR-996 is a Zirconia and Alumina treated rutile titanium dioxide pigment. It is proved to have excellent outdoor durability and super gloss in the paint & coating,ink and plastic industries.

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R-996 Titanium Dioxide Specifications

CAS Number: 13463-67-7
Type: R-996
Crystal Form: Rutile
TiO2 Content (%) min: 93
Molecular Structure: TiO2
Synonyms: Titanium Dioxide, TiO2, Rutile, Lomon R-996, Anatase, Tioxide, Ti-Pure, titanium dioxide pigment
Molecular Formula: TiO2
Molecular Weight: 79.866
EINECS: 236-675-5
Density: 4.0 g/cm3
Oil absorption (g/100g): ≤ 22
pH Value: 6.5 – 8.5
Surface Treatment: Zirconia & Alumina,Organic
Average Particle Size(μm): 0.23
Transport Information: 25kgs

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