Stannous Chloride Excels as an Iron Reducing Agent

FrackingOil and gas companies continue to explore new and improved methods of minimizing precipitation of iron compounds during acid treatments of wells. Stannous chloride solution has been gaining significant popularity as an iron reducing agent (IRA).

Strong reducing agents easily lose (or donate) electrons. An atom with a relatively large atomic radius tends to be a better reductant.

Dissolved ferric iron has previously been shown to be a major factor in the genesis of sludges in acidizing treatments. An iron control agent capable of reducing ferric iron containing compounds to ferrous iron containing compounds in an acidic solution, such as one used for formation acidizing.

Showa America produces a both stannous chloride solution and powder – both of which are used as iron reducing agents in the oil and gas industry.  For more information, pricing, or to receive a sample for analysis, please contact us.